Saturday, 5 June 2010

Opposite of adults, Far from kids....

Had an amazing day on the 4th of June... fun times... some pictures... my birthday's soon, and i just keep forgetting... its so unlike me to do such.. maybe its different this year because i have 3 exams....

Not a very nice picture, but there is something I really like about it... :)
my sweetie pie ossshhhhhh kizzez.... ;)

I love her balenciaga bag.... its heaven...siiiighhhhh.. a girl can wish....

j i love this lip gloss... its amazing.....

random woman... had a nice chat with her...she works at the ugg store...
she's from Australia- that says a lot

Random photography- My barbie.... love her to bits. need to find clothes for her though
Shes always naked... :s

Tryna dance... didnt really work out.. OBVIOUSLY

I guess June is the official beginning of summer(well for me it is) have a wonderful wonderful summer everyone.. i know mine will be good.. :)



  1. very cute photos girl!
    i love the balenciaga bag too and thee sunglasses are so cute!

  2. Nice photos and I love your nailpolish in the first picture.

  3. hey
    just wondering what hair you use it looks so pretty and ive been lookin around for a while

  4. CUTE floral dress hun! LOVE it :)

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  6. lovely photosss. And i love our hairr! what hair extensions do you use? xx

  7. i love the dress, i love the pants from top and that gold ring too. :)


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