Sunday, 25 July 2010

A union made in Heaven

I went to one of the most beautiful weddings ever on Saturday.
it was a real tear-jerker.... I wish my wedding is exactly like that,
The wedding was held at The Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Square
The Reception took place in jumeriah hotel, knightsbridge

The cute little brides..... really chatty and adorable girls

I don't even know what that is :s but I had so much it became sickening.

The best crème brûlée i've ever had

I think there is something so gangsterish about this photo. B)

Funsho's tailor made dress is so lovely. I love the green.

Father and daughter dance- made me cry a river

Sitting in bed right now, and i cant stand up because and I think my knees are degrading. ever since my D of E I think I've become slightly paralysed. :(

I've learnt so much over this blessed month of July- And i must say, life is better when you overlook the unnecessary things in life. We make life more stressful for ourselves and you know love when it IS love...

Advice: Never regret decisions you make. I don't, because its pointless. Its all for the best and there definitely is a reason for everything.. no matter how bad or good. I am living proof that that is true... :)

My new favourite quote-
''The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.''



  1. your dress is lovely
    so is the green one!
    aw i love weddings
    belle xxx

  2. I <3 the dress too. x

  3. i love weddings!!! xxxo

    come check out my new fashion blog & follow...xxxxo.

  4. That turqoise dress is just stunning, and I love your wedges...weddings are such great fun, it looks so classy too x

  5. Where is your dress from?

  6. I was there too humbug! I was SURE I spotted you, but wasnt too sure x

    i LOVED the wedding too and their dresses were TOO adorable! The trad change @ the end was my fave :x


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