Tuesday, 10 August 2010

*never fully dressed without a smile :)*

Whatever you see as appropriate is what is appropriate for you. It might not be deemed appropriate for others and what others see as appropriate may not be deemed appropriate for you. (I don't know how i came up with that, it confuses me everytime i re-read it :s) I was having an argument with myself on the train today(in my head of course) and this statement is very true. Take a few minutes, think about it, and hopefully, you will agree.

I wore this today- i was contemplating wearing a summery dress, But the weather did not permit me :(

The Belt is one of my latest purchases, and I have no regrets whatsoever. it goes with everything!!!!

I had a fabulous night out!! I hadn't planned my outfit carefully, but i managed to look decent with just a belt which I hardly wear and this peach dress i've had for ages which was an impulse purchase because it was on sale :D

The highlight of my week I would say was when i had a heart to Heart conversation with someone very special. Seeing as i am still so indecisive about my future, he sent me this quote - “Quick decisions are unsafe decisions.” Obviously, i know i dont have all the time in the world, but i had carried this burden in almost silence for so long (Well, i told a few people and their suggestions were not of great use) It then dawned on me that life is going to take me wherever it wants to. All i have to do is work hard and say Good riddance to bad rubbish

Over thinking things does not help. The most insignificant thing could be what decides the outcome of my worries. So, whenever i begin to over think things, i just smile because that's what I do best. :)

Ive had the most amazing past few days and hanging out with my buddy today just added to the amazingness ;)... hope you are reading this pa Joseph..


  1. i love your red belt and studded belt!! so cute!


  2. You look lovely!Great blog and style;)))
    come follow

  3. Hello....just found your follower:) Love it!!!! Great look fab!

  4. Great outfits! Love your night look, especially that belt.SarahD:)


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