Sunday, 1 August 2010

Why waste your time

If life has taught me a lesson, its that you should never ever take anything at all for granted. I had to learn that the hard way but I'm happy I did.

It was a friends birthday barbecue. There was lots of nice food and all and she's really special ... Love you osh!!

I miss my mum already>>>>>>>>>:(

I must say I met the most amount of armatures last week. I guess Some people just have to be

i have a tublr--

Expecting some amaaaazing pairs of shoes in the post this week!! :D


  1. hi,nice outfit..could u write where you get ur clothes from under every outfit post.jst suggesting

  2. lOVE LOVE LOVE your pink jacket! sooo cool! And of course the 501 levi's jean shorts! Fab blog!
    Big kisses,
    xo The Beckerman Girls


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